Procurement policy

- Optimiser en permanence le tri- Optimize permanently the " Cost - Quality – Service " values, inherent to all the materials and services purchased, according to the expressed needs and the requirements specified by the company.
- Ensure the coherence of the relations between the market supplier and the company.
- Secure with the suppliers clear, professional, relations marked with a reliable climate bound in particular to a strict respect for the mutual commitments and to a mutual will of progress.
- Commit resolutely to an effort of rationalization.
- Have permanently the concern of the medium and long-term reliability of the supplies, while resorting to a healthy competition.

Besides ,
- Promote vigorously the approach of Quality Assurance Suppliers for the major part of our supplies.
- Develop the recourse to modern techniques of the Marketing for Purchases the purpose of which is manifestly complementary and convergent with that of the Quality assurance Suppliers.